About me

I am Annette Schaap and I am a certified reader & healer. A major part of my life I have been busy with the development of knowledge and career. In 2004 it turned out that I have a chronic illness. Since then I developed my intuition and I have become more self-conscious.

I graduated from the Technical University in Eindhoven and am engineer. Then I worked for the United Nations and for a Dutch Government Agency as a communications consultant. I am also an artist, most paintings on this site, are made by me.

In 2004, I decided to start developing my intuition. I participated in a large number of courses at the Centre for Life & Intuition (CLI) in Utrecht, the Netherlands, and have completed the reading and graduate training programme. During these training courses I've given over 300 readings and healings. I learned a lot and gained experience. Now I want to help others using this knowledge and experience.

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