Aura healing

During an aura healing, I communicate with your spiritual being and support you in balancing your energy, focussed on who and where you are, now. In essence a healing is giving a 'hello' to you as being, on how you live your life, in this body, on earth, now. A 'hello' without prejudice or judgments. Healing balances, strengthens, supports, clarifies, and makes space for new energy.

For the healing permission is always asked and a healing generally includes:

  • An assessment, where the energy is clear and where not and what it means;
  • A 'hello' to old energy, that you may want to let go;
  • A 'hello' to energy of others in your space and assistance in discarding this energy;
  • Rebalancing your energy system;
  • Clarifying your connection with the earth and cosmos.
  • What I need for a healing are your full name, your age and the reason why you ask me to do a healing.

    A healing takes 15 - 25 minutes. I give healing to babies, children and adults, but I only give healing from a distance.

    Healing from a distance

    When you are far away or unable to come, I can also read or heal from a distance.

    You can request a healing from a distance for yourself or for someone you know in case of health problems or other problems. For example, you can request it for someone who is in hospital. However the person who receives the healing must give permission. When there is no consent, it is very difficult to contact and the effect is often minimal. I always need the name, age and the reason why a healing is asked for.

    I register what I do during the healing on a voice recorder.
    I send you the audio recording as an attachment to an email message.

    If you wish to have a healing from a distance, kindly send me an e-mail with:
    * Full name of the person who will receive the healing;
    * Age of the receiver;
    * Place and country;
    * Short description of your question or problem; and
    * Your e-mail address.

    A healing from a distance takes 15 – 20 minutes and costs € 20. For payment, you can make a bank transfer or you can use Paypal, for which you can find a link on the links page.

    Please note: A reading or healing is NOT a substitute for medical care or for the advice of your physician or therapist.

    Please contact me for an appointment.