Energy reading

During a reading your energy in your aura and / or chakra's is read and described. The goal is to get more insight in the things that you are experiencing at the moment and to become conscient of underlying issues. I can read your energy and you can get information about your current state and the deeper cause of any problems you may experience. I can give you a general reading in which I focus on general issues or I can address a question that you may have. A reading is always concluded with a short healing.

I record the reading with a voice recorder and you will get a copy as an e-mail attachment. A general reading or a reading focussing on a question takes about 1 to 1.5 hours and costs € 85. For payment, you can make a bank transfer or you can use Paypal, for which you can find a link on the links page.

General reading

A general reading subsists of: a rose reading, an aura reading and a chakra reading.

Rose reading

Your energy can be read during a rose reading. The rose is used as a metaphor. The different aspects of the rose symbolise aspects of your existence:
* Roots - how you anchor, your relation with Earth and how you find your nutrition and inspiration;
* Stem - background information from your past;
* Flower – what you are experiencing now;
* Sun above the rose – your goals;
* The rose as a whole: the essence of your current situation.


During an aura reading I read the shape of your aura, colour in your aura and the information in the edge of your aura.

Chakra reading

In your body there are many chakras or energy points with specific information that can be approached.

Reading if you have a question

* I am not happy with the work I do and am considering a career move, but cannot make my mind up. How can I realize my plans?
* I have problems with my boss and find it difficult to be myself on the job. Why?
* I am always critisizing myself and find it difficult to love myself. Why?
* I get angry very quickly about little things, that did not bother me before. Why?
* How can I let problems from the past rest and move on?

Reading from a distance

When it is not convenient for you to come to Utrecht in the Netherlands, I can also give you a so-called 'reading from a distance'. A reading from a distance can be done by Skype.

Please contact me for an appointment.